IMG_0466 - Version 2Grow your abilities to improve the world…” 

…by improving yourself through personal and professional growth designed as gifts to nourish your mind and heart. Be inspired by a new view of what you already know and enter a world of new knowledge offering surprising choices for fulfillment in extraordinarily diverse intellectual and emotional facets of your life.

Fuel your passion to improve the world with Have Texts Will Travel – One teacher, trainer and tutor offering many insights into:

  • SEXUALITY:  Understand ourselves as sexual beings so that we can accept one another.
  • BIBLE THROUGH ART: Analyze Biblical and Apocryphal art of personalities whose stories inform modern morality and offer us surprising choices for our own behavior. 
  • COMMUNICATION: Learn to talk to anyone about anything. Discover the power of your words.
  • RELIGION: Make sense of religious chaos and conflict through candid conversation about cultural differences. Use text study to open new paths within your own faith.
  • HomeWELL BEING: Explore healing and health, sickness and suffering of the body, mind and spirit.
  • KIDS: Build children’s self esteem by learning to talk with them so they will want to talk to you.

Make it Happen: Customize your learning opportunities or join existing classes and workshops. Convene your own group of colleagues, friends or family, or work with Marcie on your own. Book a Scholar-in-Residence weekend blending presentations, workshops and informal conversation. Marvel at your powers to repair the world with all that you learn. Do it in her city or bring her to yours. Continuing Education Units are available or can be arranged for most programs.

“You never learn half so well as when you have to teach” are Rev. Milton Bendiner’s words that fuel Marcie’s passion to learn and teach so many aspects of what can link people together.  Her foundation of Hebrew Bible, social work,  Jewish Education, university teaching, and teacher training is synthesized in a unique way for every person she teaches and each organization or group that hires her to speak.

videographer Vanja Čerimagić  http://cerimagic.ba/  

“I am so enthusiastic about this class because I am so dedicated to the acceptance and unconditional regard for all humans that I have seen displayed in this classroom” S.D., Arizona State University Student
“Within the teachings of Morah (teacher) Marcie Lee are deep truths of union, freedom, art, myth, the Divine. As a grateful daughter of an interfaith couple, my theological education was sweetly diverse, yet understandably due to assimilation, sadly diluted. Morah Marcie has brought to me and taught to me the stone specifics of Judaism/of our History: of the Feminine within and the Feminism, of the under-served, the disenfranchised and the tortured; of the elevated, the uplifted and the enlightened.  Morah Marcie is creating me, and I am seventy years old.”
Director of the Ramsey Social Justice Foundation

Marcie is also Staff at Arizona State University’s Office of Educational Outreach and Student Affairs, handling “Campus Life and Community Initiatives”

She is delighted to answers questions and discuss all aspects of ASU with you !