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artwork by Sunita Fišić,

Tuesdays October 2, 2018-May 14, 2019, Scottsdale
Start any or all of these classes any time. Ideally, register prior to the beginning of a session. Each session and each class within it
explores new material and is a self contained lesson.  Try any class as a guest! Open to all. No prior knowledge required.
Register for any or all by phone 480-634-8050 (Elaine Hirsch) or on line www.bjephoenix.org.
All three courses and individual classes within each, may fulfill
Continuing Education Credits.

Hour 1. “The Christian Bible’s Inspiration was the Glorious Bible of the Hebrew Nation”
The brilliant architects of the Christian Bible made the Tanach (the Hebrew Bible) their blueprint, retrofitting their own continuing story onto the completed Hebrew Bible.  Exploring how they built will sharpen your ability to comprehend and articulate differences between Christian and Jewish Theology.  Join the rare opportunity to read the text of the “New Testament,” discovering exactly how Jews and Christians can understand and productively discuss Christianity’s integration of and radical departure from Judaism.  This ongoing class begins in October with chapter 11 of Acts of the Apostles.  New material each class and never a need to have prior knowledge of the Hebrew and Christian Bibles.   10:00—11:00 am

Hour 2. “Biblical Brains and Bombshells. Why Certain Biblical Personalities are Rarely Taught”
Tackle explosive tales of strategic planning and shocking behavior. Understand exactly why so many extraordinary characters who live in the Hebrew Bible are unknown to you. Threatened by the conduct and cunning of characters who engage in contract killings, murder of family members, cannibalism, and more, many teachers simply hide them from you! 11:15 am-12:15 pm

Hour 3.  “Artful Encounters with the Hebrew Bible”
Fine tune, recognize and revel in your amazing powers of observation! Use art as a portal to deeper understanding of Biblical text and tales, and the continuity of the human experience over time that The Hebrew Bible and the Apocrypha reveal.
12:30—1:30 pm


As an Arizona State University staff member
handling “Campus Life and Community Initiatives”  for the
Office of Educational Outreach and Student Affairs,
Marcie is always delighted to speak on or discuss
all aspects of ASU with you !