Brokering Art

IMG_0726 - Version 2“Touch Jewish Hearts Through Jewish Arts”

Wish you could find a treasured piece of Jewish art, adorn a special room, or outfit an entire house or office with Jewish Art? Meet with Marcie to talk about what could surround you and wrap around you. She will find it, and within your budget, propose paintings, sculpture, tapestry, ritual objects, and jewelry that touch Jewish Hearts Through Jewish Arts.

Marcie has worked with clients:

  • Locating and Brokering an entire Jewish art collection
    Her proposals will describe connections between you and the proposed works, and you and their artists so that every work will work!
  • Helping select new pieces to add to a Jewish art collection
  • Arranging (or rearranging!) the Jewish Art in a home or office
    Own Jewish Art but don’t quite know the best way to display it?  Invite Marcie in and work together to highlight your collection and feel comfortable using and preserving your Judaica.
  • Finding a Jewish art gift to present to someone special
    Need a highly personal, absolutely perfect gift of Jewish art for a relative, friend, colleague or even for someone you don’t know, perhaps a groom or a bride-to-be?  Give yourself the gift of having Marcie find a gift that reflects your special bond or the beginning of a new above:  Marcie with artist Sara Novenson and her “Judith” in Novenson’s Santa Fe, New Mexico studio